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A Fantasy Author
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    Wow! What a week. We are about 100 days from the release of Ashbar – Book 3 of The Wycaan Master series. I received the cover from artist (and suspected magician) William Kenney, whose renditions just get better with each book and a copy of the edited manuscript from my editor, Monica Buntin. With At The Walls […]

    elveswriterAshbar front cover580242_4745629159548_71755771_nelveswriterAshbar front cover580242_4745629159548_71755771_n

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    Did you wake up this morning the proud/confused/intimidated owner of something small, electrical, and vaguely rectangular? Did you smile meekly last night while your loved ones looked on with bated breath as you apprehensively ripped open the packaging and did they cheer and clap their hands welcoming you into the technological age?   And did […]


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    Everyone should have a mentor, a leader they look up to, someone who, when they are faced with a dilemma consider: What would XXX do? That person might be a religious leader, a youth leader, a teacher … or a professor. A month ago, on another blog, I spoke of the loss I feel for […]


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    Recently, I listened to an interview with the famous Israeli author, Amos Oz, a literary icon I grew up admiring. Now, well into his 70’s, he is as vibrant and inspirational as ever. There was something he said in the interview that resonated with me. He claimed to have made up a number of words […]


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    It has been 12 months since I won my first award, the Eric Hoffer Book Award for YA category, and I am still glowing from the rush of seeing my name in print on the awards page. I do not subscribe to the solitary writer image. I have facilitated the Berkeley Writers Group for several years, […]

    elveswriterimgresGames of Berkeley Question from AsifSacrificial Flame Cover Hi ReselveswriterimgresGames of Berkeley Question from AsifSacrificial Flame Cover Hi Res

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    I guess it used to be hard to write a novel, scribbling across the parchment with your quill, fretting every time you make a mistake, blotting the ink… Even a young 50-year-old like me wonders how he ever typed college papers … remember Tippex anyone (I believe it was called White Out here in the […]


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    You probably know the story: Robert Jordan wrote 12 amazing epic fantasy books – Wheel of Time series – and outlined three more that he was unable to complete before he passed away in 2007 (for those of you purists counting, I have included New Spring as one of the series, though it was written out-of-sequence). […]

    elveswriterimages-72015-03-29 10.10.19elveswriterimages-72015-03-29 10.10.19

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    It’s a fascinating question. Well maybe not. I suspect 007 would have been more interested in nibbling Tauriel’s ears and held coiffured competitions with Legalos, but it opens the door to examine the hero in epic fantasy. The James Bond stereotype – macho, sexy, deadly, fearless – does exist in epic fantasy, but more often than not, […]

    elveswriterimages-1imagesimages-2imgres-1hobbits in pubelveswriterimages-1imagesimages-2imgres-1hobbits in pub

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  • 07/23/15--08:22: Whoosh And It’s Gone!
  • Whoosh. It’s Gone! The most absurd part is: I have done this several times. I have written a novel, edited it, had it professionally edited, edited what the editor edited, had it line-edited, edited what the line editor edited, gave it one more read through, and then…. Whoosh! Yes, whoosh I say! The manuscript has […]

    Book 5 Cover FINALelveswriterimgresBook 5 Cover FINALBook 5 Cover FINALelveswriterimgresBook 5 Cover FINAL

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  • 09/21/15--08:28: An Author Needs His Hat
  • “So, what’s with the hat?” The question came from a young man in the back row of the small (but thankfully packed) room. I had been fielding questions about plot, world-building, characters, building a series, and on being a writer, so this caught me off guard. My bad. It was not the first time I […]

    elveswriterimages-1Reading Book 6 in the summer of 2015. End of an era. imagesurlBookcover Trees copyBookcover Snow copyBookcover Ocean copyAuthor Photo Book 5 copyHow could I forget...elveswriterimages-1Reading Book 6 in the summer of 2015. End of an era. imagesurlBookcover Trees copyBookcover Snow copyBookcover Ocean copyAuthor Photo Book 5 copyHow could I forget...

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  • 06/19/17--09:14: The New Publishing Model
  • Last week, I requested that you download a FREE copy  of my latest novel. First, a big Thank You to those who did and, if you have not yet, please consider doing so.  Kingfisher: Slave To Honor – Free Novel by Alon Shalev Given that many of my audience read Young Adult material, I should have […]

    Kingfisher Coverelveswriterbusiness stats'Oh yes we're very proud of him. He's in publishing you know!'Kingfisher Coverelveswriterbusiness stats'Oh yes we're very proud of him. He's in publishing you know!'

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    At a book event in the summer, I was asked who I would most like to meet. I think my audience expected me to say J. R, R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, or any one of a dozen fantasy authors that I look up to in awe. I admitted I would like to meet them all, […]

    Unwanted Heroes cover HeavyelveswriterMalala2moz-screenshotSummer 2015 Reading Book 6Unwanted Heroes cover HeavyelveswriterMalala2moz-screenshotSummer 2015 Reading Book 6

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  • 12/15/17--09:55: Publishing by Popular Vote
  • A few months ago, I wrote about the new publishing model and shared that I have entered Kingfisher: Slave to Honor, my latest novel into the mix. Briefly, Inkitt is a publisher who, through a range of analytics, bases their decision whether to publish by judging people’s responses to a novel. They define themselves as […]

    Kingfisher CoverelveswriterTrilogy - 1Kingfisher CoverelveswriterTrilogy - 1